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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


49-411.  Dealer and manufacturer plate — Fees. (1) Any person conducting the business of manufacturing, buying, selling or dealing in vehicles, and licensed as a manufacturer of or a dealer in vehicles, and owning and operating any such vehicle upon any highway may, in lieu of registering each vehicle, obtain from the department upon application on the proper form and payment of the required fee, and attach to each vehicle, one (1) number plate as required for different classes of vehicles in section 49-434, Idaho Code. The special number plate shall bear a distinctive number assigned to the manufacturer or dealer, the name of this state, which may be abbreviated, and the year for which the plate is issued, together with words which may be abbreviated or a distinguishing symbol indicating that the plate is issued to a manufacturer or dealer.
(a)  Dealer license plates shall be limited to two (2) license plates for up to twenty (20) vehicles sold during the previous dealer licensing period and one (1) license plate for each ten (10) additional vehicles sold during the previous dealer licensing period. Any new dealer who applies for a dealer license shall be eligible for the number of dealer plates requested based on the number of vehicles that the dealer estimates he will sell during the first year of licensure.
(b)  Upon renewal of a dealer’s license, the department may audit vehicle sales from previous years to determine the number of dealer plates that will be authorized for the current dealer licensing period.
(2)  The fee to validate a dealer or manufacturer number plate shall be twelve dollars ($12.00) for each validation sticker.
(3)  All such fees shall be paid to the state treasurer and deposited to the state highway account.
(4)  Laden dealer or manufacturer plates shall be available to licensed dealers and manufacturers operating vehicles with laden loads in furtherance of their business pursuant to section 49-1627(5), Idaho Code. Such plates shall be exempt from the limit provisions of subsection (1)(a) of this section. The operating fee for a laden dealer or manufacturer plate will be equal to the fees for commercial vehicles pursuant to section 49-434(1), Idaho Code, for twenty–six thousand (26,000) pounds. Laden dealer and manufacturer plates are limited to a maximum combined gross vehicle weight of twenty–six thousand (26,000) pounds. Temporary weight increase permits may be purchased pursuant to section 49-432(2), Idaho Code.

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