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49-432.  Temporary registration for residents and nonresidents — Fees. (1) When a vehicle or combination of vehicles subject to registration is to be moved upon the public highways in the state of Idaho, the department may issue a permit in lieu of registration for any vehicle or combination of vehicles upon the payment of a fee as set forth in the following schedule:
(a)  One hundred twenty (120) hour permit

Single vehicle 

Combination of vehicles, where such combination of vehicles includes more than one (1) unregistered vehicle

(b)  Fuel permit 

(c)  Thirty (30) day unladen weight permit 

An owner-operator vehicle moving between lessee fleets where the vehicle registration was issued in the name of the former lessee shall be eligible for a thirty (30) day unladen weight permit for the unladen movement from the point of entry into the state to the destination of the new lessee’s place of business.
If an annual registration is purchased within thirty (30) calendar days of issuance of a permit under paragraph (a) or (c) of this subsection (1), the amount of the permit fee shall be applied to the registration fee. No portion of a permit fee is subject to refund.
(2)  Permits to operate a vehicle or combination of vehicles in excess of the registered maximum gross vehicle weight up to a maximum of one hundred twenty-nine thousand (129,000) pounds gross vehicle weight shall be:

(a)  One hundred twenty (120) hour permit to increase gross weight 


(b)  Thirty (30) day permit to increase gross vehicle weight:
Maximum Registered
Temporary Permitted
Gross Weight of Vehicle
Maximum Gross Weight
The permit issued pursuant to this subsection (2) shall be specific to the motor vehicle to which it is issued. No permit or fee shall be transferable or apportionable to any other vehicle, nor shall any such fee be refundable. At the time of purchasing a permit, the applicant may purchase additional permits in any combination which does not exceed a maximum of ninety (90) days.
(3)  Permits issued pursuant to subsection (1) or (2) of this section shall be limited to three (3) per vehicle in a calendar year except for those permits provided for in subsection (1)(b) and (c). The provisions of this subsection (3) with respect to limiting the number of permits issued shall not apply to transporters and wreckers as defined in sections 49-121 and 49-124, Idaho Code, or to laden dealer and manufacturer plates as provided for in sections 49–411(4) and 49–1627(5), Idaho Code.
(4)  A temporary permit shall be in a form, and issued under rules adopted by the board, and shall be displayed at all times while the vehicle is being operated on the highways by posting the permit upon the windshield of each vehicle or in another prominent place, where it may be readily legible.
(5)  Any permit issued pursuant to subsection (2) of this section shall be purchased prior to movement of the vehicle on a highway, and such permit shall be in addition to and available only to a vehicle which is currently and validly registered in Idaho pursuant to section 49-432(1), 49-434(1), 49-434(8)(c) or 49-435, Idaho Code.
(6)  The department may select vendors to serve as agents on state highways for the purpose of selling permits where fixed ports of entry do not adequately serve a respective highway entering the state. The vendor shall be remunerated at the rate of three dollars ($3.00) per permit sold, and he shall collect the fees specified in this section and pay the fees to the department. The vendor shall guarantee payment by giving a bond to the state in a sum as shall be fixed by the board, the premium on the bond to be paid by the department.

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