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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


49-435.  Proportional registration of commercial vehicles. (1) Any owner engaged in operating one (1) or more fleets of commercial vehicles may, in lieu of the registration fees imposed by section 49-434, Idaho Code, register each fleet for operation in this state by filing an application with the department that shall contain the information required by the international registration plan (IRP) agreement. Any owner who makes application for proportional registration under the provisions of the international registration plan shall comply with the terms and conditions of the IRP agreement.
(2)  The department shall register the vehicle so described and identified and may issue license plates or other suitable identification device for each vehicle listed in the application upon payment of the fees required under subsections (1) and (8) of section 49-434, Idaho Code, and an additional identification charge of eight dollars ($8.00) per vehicle. The fees collected for the additional identification shall be deposited to the state highway account. A registration card shall be issued in print or electronically for each proportionally registered vehicle appropriately identifying it, which shall be carried and available on an electronic device or in or upon the vehicle identified at all times.
(3)  Fleet vehicles so registered and identified shall be deemed to be fully licensed and registered in this state for any type of movement or operation.
(4)  The right to the privilege and benefits of proportional registration of fleet vehicles extended by this section, or by any contract, agreement, arrangement or declaration made under the authority provided in section 49-201, Idaho Code, shall be subject to the condition that each fleet vehicle proportionally registered shall also be proportionally or otherwise properly registered in at least one (1) other jurisdiction during the period for which it is proportionally registered in this state.
(5)  No provision of this section relating to proportional registration of fleet vehicles shall be construed as requiring any vehicle to be proportionally registered if it is otherwise registered in this state for the operation in which it is engaged, including regular registration or temporary trip permit.

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