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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


50-1049.  Collection and administration of local-option nonproperty taxes by state tax commission — Distribution. (a) A city which has levied a tax pursuant to section 50-1044, Idaho Code, may contract with the state tax commission for the collection and administration of such taxes in like manner and under the definitions, rules and regulations of the tax commission for the collection and administration of the state sales tax under chapter 36, title 63, Idaho Code. A city which levies such tax shall have the right to review and audit the records of collection thereof maintained by the commission and the returns of taxpayers relating to such tax. Alternatively, such city shall have authority to administer and collect such tax.
(b)  All revenues collected by the tax commission pursuant to section 50-1044, Idaho Code, shall be distributed as follows:
(1)  An amount of money shall be distributed to the state refund account sufficient to pay current refund claims. All refunds authorized by the commission to be paid shall be paid through the state refund account and those moneys are continuously appropriated;
(2)  An amount of money equal to such fee as may be agreed upon between the commission and such city for the actual cost of the collection and administration of the tax. The amount retained by the commission shall not exceed the amount authorized to be expended by appropriation by the legislature. Any unencumbered balance in excess of the actual cost at the end of each fiscal year shall be distributed as provided in paragraph (3) of this subsection;
(3)  All remaining moneys received pursuant to this chapter shall be placed in an account designated by the state controller and remitted monthly to the city levying such tax.

[50-1049, added 1979, ch. 221, sec. 2, p. 616; am. 1986, ch. 73, sec. 7, p. 207; am. 1994, ch. 180, sec. 93, p. 488.]

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