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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


50-1304.  Essentials of plats. (1) All plats offered for record in any county shall be on stable base drafting film with a minimum base thickness of 0.003 inches. The image thereon shall be by a photographic process or a process by which a copy is produced using an ink jet or digital scanning and reproduction machine with black opaque drafting film ink or fused toner that will ensure archival permanence. The copy and image thereon shall be waterproof, tear resistant, flexible, and capable of withstanding repeated handling, as well as providing archival permanence. If ink or toner is used, the surface shall be coated with a suitable substance, if required by the county where the plat is to be recorded, to assure permanent legibility. Plats shall be eighteen (18) inches by twenty-seven (27) inches, with a three-and-one-half (3 1/2) inch margin at the left end for binding and a one-half (1/2) inch margin on all other edges. No part of the drawing or certificates shall encroach upon the margins. Signatures shall be in reproducible black ink. The sheet or sheets that contain the drawing or diagram representing the survey of the subdivision shall be drawn at a scale suitable to ensure the clarity of all lines, bearings and dimensions. In the event that any subdivision is of such magnitude that the drawing or diagram cannot be placed on a single sheet, serially numbered sheets shall be prepared and match lines shall be indicated on the drawing or diagram with appropriate references to other sheets. The required dedications, acknowledgments and certifications shall appear on any of the serially numbered sheets.
(2)  The plat shall show:
(a)  The streets and alleys, with widths and courses clearly shown;
(b)  Each street named;
(c)  All lots numbered consecutively in each block, and each block lettered or numbered, provided however, in a platted cemetery, each block, section, district or division and each burial lot shall be designated by number or letter or name;
(d)  Each and all lengths of the boundaries of each lot shall be shown, provided however, in a platted cemetery, that lengths of the boundaries of each burial lot may be shown by appropriate legend;
(e)  The exterior boundaries shown by distance and bearing;
(f)  Descriptions of survey monuments;
(g)  The point of beginning with ties to at least two (2) monuments from the following list:
(i)   Public land survey corners;
(ii)  Center of section, quarter section corners, or sixteenth section corners, any of which were not monumented in an original survey of the United States, provided such corners have a corner record meeting the current requirements of chapter 16, title 55, Idaho Code; or
(iii) Monuments recognized by the county surveyor.
Additionally, if required by the city or county governing bodies, the plat shall provide coordinates based on the Idaho coordinate system.
(h)  The easements;
(i)  Basis of bearings, bearing and length of lines, graphic scale of plat, and north arrow;
(j)  Subdivision name;
(k)  Narrative as described in section 55-1906, Idaho Code; and
(l)  Any existing interstate natural gas transmission pipeline or interstate petroleum products pipeline, as recognized by the pipeline and hazardous materials safety administration, with a center point one thousand (1,000) feet or less from the planned subdivision, provided that the pipeline company operating the interstate natural gas transmission pipeline or interstate petroleum products pipeline is in compliance with section 62-1104, Idaho Code.
(3)  When coordinates in the Idaho coordinate system are shown on a plat, the plat must show the national spatial reference system monuments and their coordinates used as the basis of the survey; the zone; the datum and adjustment; and the combined adjustment factor and the convergence angle and the location where they were computed.
(4)  Plats that are re-subdivisions of subdivisions of record need not meet the requirements set forth in subsection (2)(g) of this section.

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