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50-1710.  Ordinance creating improvement district and procedure for construction bids. If, after the hearing on the creation of the district, the council finds (a) that the district will be for the best interest of the property affected and the municipality, (b) that there is reasonable probability that the obligations of such district will be paid, and (c) the value of the property within the proposed district, including the proposed improvements, is sufficient, it shall then enact an ordinance providing for such improvements and creating a local improvement district to be called "Local Improvement District No. …… for …………, Idaho," which shall include all of the property within said district in accordance with the findings of the council, and said ordinance shall set forth the boundaries of the district, provide the improvements which shall be made, and state that the total cost and expenses thereof shall be assessed according to the percentage or calculation hereinbefore mentioned on all benefited property in the district by using the method of assessment contemplated in the notice of intention subject to any variation therefrom as a result of the council’s determining that the benefits to be derived by certain lots or parcels of property warrant such variations. The council may either purchase, acquire or construct the improvements. The council shall appoint an engineer. If the council elects to construct the improvements, the engineer shall have prepared the necessary plans and specifications for the construction work ordered.
Except as hereinafter otherwise provided, the council shall authorize the advertisement for bids therefor by giving notice calling for sealed bids in accordance with the provisions of chapter 28, title 67, Idaho Code.
Any acquisition, purchase or construction contract made by a municipality for any improvements authorized by this code shall be made by the council in the name of the municipality upon such terms of payment as shall be fixed by the council. The contract shall be authorized by resolution empowering the authorized officer of the municipality to execute the contract. The resolution need not set out the contract in full but it shall be sufficient if the resolution refers to a copy of the contract on file in the office of the clerk where it is available for public inspection.
Any provision in this local improvement district code notwithstanding, if any municipality shall elect to exercise the powers herein granted jointly with any other public agency or agencies as authorized by the provisions of section 67-2328, Idaho Code, the improvements as contemplated within the local improvement district may be constructed jointly and as part of a larger project with such other agency or agencies upon the letting of a single contract after compliance with the required bidding procedure for any Idaho public agency jointly participating in the work.

[50-1710, added 1976, ch. 160, sec. 2, p. 575; am. 1999, ch. 291, sec. 8, p. 729; am. 2005, ch. 213, sec. 20, p. 655.]

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