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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


54-1005.  Rules — Inspections — electrical permits and fees. (1) The administrator of the division of occupational and professional licenses is hereby authorized and directed to enforce rules consistent with this chapter for the administration of this chapter and to effectuate the purposes thereof, and for the examination and licensing of electrical contractors, residential electricians, journeyman electricians, master electricians, provisional journeyman electricians, limited electrical installers, limited electrical contractors, limited electrical installer trainees and apprentice electricians, and to make inspections of electrical installations referred to in section 54-1001, Idaho Code, and to issue electrical permits covering such installations, and to collect the fees established therefor.
(2)  The administrator of the division of occupational and professional licenses may make electrical inspections for another state or local jurisdiction upon request by an appropriate building official. Such inspections shall be made in accordance with the applicable electrical codes of the requesting jurisdiction. Fees charged for such inspection services shall be as provided in the rules promulgated by the board.
(3)  Individuals, firms, cooperatives, corporations, or municipalities selling electricity, hereinafter known as the power supplier, shall not connect with or energize any electrical installation, coming under the provisions of this chapter, unless an inspection has been conducted and resulted as "passed" by the administrator, covering the installation to be energized. Electrical installations approved by the board and addressed through administrative rule may be connected and energized by the power supplier after the purchase of an electrical permit by a licensed electrical contractor.
(4)  It shall be unlawful for any person, partnership, company, firm, association or corporation other than a power supplier to energize any electrical installation coming under the provisions of this chapter prior to the purchase of an electrical permit covering such installation.

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