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54-1406A.  Certified medication assistant (MA-C). (1) Effective July 1, 2008, an individual registered as a nursing assistant, without substantiated charges, on the nursing assistant registry currently maintained by the Idaho department of health and welfare, may, with additional education and training as set forth in rule as established by the board, become a certified medication assistant (MA-C) permitted to administer medications as prescribed by an authorized provider within the parameters set forth in rule. A licensed nurse shall supervise the certified medication assistant.
(2)  The board shall adopt rules regarding the certification of certified medication assistants, including rules applicable to education, training and other qualifications for certification that will ensure that the certified medication assistant is competent to perform safely within the range of authorized functions.
(3)  The board shall maintain a public registry of the names and addresses of all certified medication assistants.
(4)  The board is authorized to impose and collect initial application and two (2) year renewal fees, as well as reinstatement fees, not to exceed one hundred dollars ($100), as determined by board rule. Fees collected pursuant to this section shall be deposited in the state board of nursing account for the administration of examinations, evaluations and investigations of applicants, issuance of certifications, evaluation of education and training programs, duplication and verification of records, and other administrative expenses.
(5)  The board shall adopt by rule an application process.
(a)  The application process shall include conducting a state and federal criminal background check on all applicants seeking certification pursuant to this section.
(b)  All applicants for original certification or for certification reinstatement shall submit to a fingerprint-based criminal history check of both the Idaho central criminal database and the federal bureau of investigation criminal history database. All such applicants shall submit a full set of their fingerprints and any relevant fees directly to the Idaho board of nursing for forwarding to the appropriate law enforcement agency for processing. Criminal background reports received by the board from the Idaho state police and the federal bureau of investigation shall be used only for licensing decisions and handled and disposed of in a manner consistent with requirements imposed by the Idaho state police and the federal bureau of investigation.
(c)  Upon meeting all requirements and upon the successful completion of additional education, training and competency assessment prescribed by rule, an applicant shall be certified as a certified medication assistant (MA-C).
(6)  A person may not use the title "certified medication assistant" or the abbreviation "MA-C" unless such person has been duly certified pursuant to this section.
(7)  The board shall adopt rules governing the approval of education and training programs for certified medication assistants.
(8)  The board shall set forth in rule criteria for acceptable certified medication assistant competency evaluations.
(9)  (a) For any one (1) or a combination of grounds for discipline as set forth in paragraph (b) of this subsection, the board shall have the authority to:
(i)   File a letter of concern if the board believes there is insufficient evidence to support direct action against a certified medication assistant;
(ii)  Deny certification or recertification, suspend, revoke, place on probation, reprimand, limit, restrict, condition or accept the voluntary surrender of a certificate issued pursuant to this section if a certified medication assistant commits an act that constitutes grounds for discipline;
(iii) Refer criminal violations of this section to the appropriate law enforcement agency; and
(iv)  Impose a civil penalty of not more than one hundred dollars ($100) per violation.
(b)  Grounds for discipline shall include:
(i)    Substance abuse or dependency;
(ii)   Client abandonment, neglect or abuse;
(iii)  Fraud or deceit, which may include, but is not limited to:
(A)  Filing false credentials;
(B)  Falsely representing facts on an application for initial certification, renewal or reinstatement; and
(C)  Giving or receiving assistance in taking the competency evaluation;
(iv)   Boundary violations;
(v)    Performance of unsafe client care;
(vi)   Performing acts beyond the range of authorized functions or beyond those tasks delegated under the provisions of this section;
(vii)  Misappropriation or misuse of property;
(viii) Obtaining money or property of a client, resident or other person by theft, fraud, misrepresentation or duress committed during the course of employment as a certified medication assistant;
(ix)   Criminal conviction of a misdemeanor that directly relates to or affects the functions of a certified medication assistant or conviction of any felony as set forth in rule;
(x)    Failure to conform to the standards of a certified medication assistant;
(xi)   Putting clients at risk of harm; and
(xii)  Violating the privacy or failing to maintain the confidentiality of client or resident information.
(10) The board shall comply with the provisions of the Idaho administrative procedure act, chapter 52, title 67, Idaho Code, in taking any disciplinary action against a certified medication assistant and shall maintain records of any such disciplinary action, which records shall be available for public inspection to the same extent as records regarding disciplinary proceedings against nurses and as otherwise consistent with chapter 1, title 74, Idaho Code. The assessment of costs and fees incurred in the investigation and prosecution or defense of a certified medication assistant shall be governed by the provisions of section 12-117(5), Idaho Code.
(11) The board shall notify the Idaho nursing assistant registry of any disciplinary action taken against a certified medication assistant pursuant to this section.

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