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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


54-1723.  Qualifications for licensure by reciprocity. (1) To obtain a license as a pharmacist by reciprocity, an applicant for licensure shall:
(a)  Have submitted a written application in the form prescribed by the board of pharmacy;
(b)  Have attained the age of majority;
(c)  Have possessed at the time of initial licensure as a pharmacist such other qualifications necessary to have been eligible for licensure at that time in this state;
(d)  Have presented to the board proof of initial licensure by examination and proof that such license and any other certificate granted to the applicant by any other state or states is not at the time of application suspended, revoked, canceled or otherwise restricted in a manner preventing the applicant from practicing as a pharmacist for any reason except nonrenewal or the failure to obtain required continuing education credits in any state where the applicant is licensed but not engaged in the practice of pharmacy; and
(e)  Have paid the fees specified by the board of pharmacy for issuance of a license.
(2)  Eligibility. No applicant shall be eligible for licensure by reciprocity unless the state in which the applicant was initially licensed as a pharmacist also grants reciprocal licensure to pharmacists duly licensed by examination in this state, under like circumstances and conditions.

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