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54-1725.  Continuing pharmacy education. (1) The legislature makes the following findings and declarations:
(a)  Because of the continuous introduction of new therapeutic and diagnostic agents and the changing concepts in the delivery of health care services in the practice of pharmacy, it is essential that a pharmacist undertake a continuing education program in order to maintain his professional competency and improve his professional skills; and
(b)  To assure the continued competency of the pharmacist and to maintain uniform qualifications for registration and licensure in the profession for the protection of the health and welfare of its citizens, the legislature of this state deems it in the public interest to adopt a continuing professional education program.
(2)  No annual renewal license shall be issued to a pharmacist until such pharmacist shall have submitted proof to the board that he has satisfactorily completed an accredited program of continuing professional education during the previous year to help assure his continued competence to engage in the practice of pharmacy. The board shall from time to time determine the amount of continuing education to be required.
(3)  The board shall adopt rules and regulations necessary to carry out the stated objectives and purposes and to enforce the provisions of this section, which shall include the methods of determining accredited programs, any fees and such other rules and regulations consistent with this section as the board shall determine.

[54-1725, added 1979, ch. 131, sec. 3, p. 417; am. 2018, ch. 37, sec. 9, p. 88.]

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