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54-1733A.  transmission of prescription drug orders. (1)  A valid prescription drug order may be transmitted to a licensed pharmacy by the following means:
(a)  By delivery of the original signed written prescription drug order or a digital image of the order in accordance with rules adopted by the board;
(b)  Electronically by the prescriber or prescriber’s agent in compliance with the uniform electronic transactions act, chapter 50, title 28, Idaho Code;
(c)  Electronically by a licensed practical or professional nurse in an institutional facility for a patient of that facility via a secure, interoperable information technology system that exchanges data accurately, effectively and in compliance with applicable laws;
(d)  Verbally by the prescriber, prescriber’s agent, or a licensed practical or professional nurse for a patient of an institutional facility or for a hospice patient; and
(e)  Via facsimile by a prescriber, prescriber’s agent, institutional facility or hospice agent, provided that if the order was initially received verbally, the transmitted document shall include the name of the prescriber, the name of the licensed practical or professional nurse who received and transcribed the order and the name of the person who faxed the order.
(2)  In the event that there are no refills remaining on an existing prescription drug order and the pharmacist requests a new prescription drug order from the prescriber, the prescriber’s agent, after obtaining prescriber authorization, may sign and return the request via facsimile as long as:
(a)  The request is generated from the pharmacy;
(b)  The request is for medication that the patient is currently taking;
(c)  There are no changes to the type of drug, its strength or directions for the continuation of therapy;
(d)  The prescriber’s agent’s transmission is received via facsimile from the prescriber’s office; and
(e)  The request, which is subsequently transmitted back to the requesting pharmacy by the prescriber’s agent, contains all components of a valid prescription drug order.

[54-1733A, added 2015, ch. 26, sec. 2, p. 41; am. 2018, ch. 37, sec. 14, p. 93.]

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