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54-1734.   possession of legend drugs.  The following persons or their agents or employees may possess legend drugs for use in the usual and lawful course of their business or practice or in the performance of their lawful official duties, without a valid prescription drug order:
(1)  Pharmacists;
(2)  Prescribers;
(3)  Researchers who are prohibited from further distribution;
(4)  Hospitals and other institutional facilities;
(5)  Manufacturers and wholesalers;
(6)  Common carriers solely in the usual course of business of transporting prescription drugs;
(7)  Schools or other authorized entities possessing stock supplies of epinephrine auto-injectors pursuant to section 33-520A or 54-1733C, Idaho Code, upon presenting proof that the authorized entity has at least one (1) individual who has completed the training requirement of section 33-520A(5)(b) or 54-1733C(4), Idaho Code;
(8)  Persons, agencies and organizations possessing opioid antagonists pursuant to section 54-1733B, Idaho Code;
(9)  Midwives licensed pursuant to section 54-5507, Idaho Code, limited to formulary drugs consistent with rules promulgated by the Idaho board of midwifery;
(10) Home health nurses or agencies, or hospice agencies, possessing emergency kits pursuant to rules of the board; and
(11) Chiropractic physicians licensed pursuant to chapter 7, title 54, Idaho Code, and certified pursuant to sections 54-708 and 54-717, Idaho Code, limited to the prescription drug products listed in section 54-716, Idaho Code.

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