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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


54-2018.  License renewals — Inactive license status — Personal changes — Effective dates — Fees nonrefundable. (1) Initial license period. Each new license shall be for a period of one (1) year plus the months up to and including the next birth date of the licensee, not to exceed a period of two (2) years, and shall expire on the last day of the month of the birth date of the licensee. A salesperson licensed in this state who applies for and obtains a broker license shall retain the license renewal period and expiration date of his salesperson license. Corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies and other entities defined as "persons" in this chapter shall have established as the equivalent of a birth date, the birth date of its designated broker. Licensed branch offices shall have established as the equivalent of a birth date, the birth date of the designated broker for the branch office.
(2)  License renewal. Each license shall be renewable for a period of two (2) years by timely submitting a completed application. Applications must be received at the commission office on or before 5 p.m., mountain time, of the expiration date.
(a)  If renewing an active license, the application shall include:
(i)   Certification that the applicant has met the commission’s continuing education requirements as set forth in section 54-2023, Idaho Code;
(ii)  Certification that the applicant has met the mandatory errors and omissions insurance requirement for real estate licensees as set forth in section 54-2013, Idaho Code; and
(iii) Payment of all renewal fees established by this chapter or by the commission.
(b)  If renewing an inactive license, the application shall include payment of all renewal fees established by this chapter or by the commission by rule.
(3)  Late renewal. If the licensee fails to submit a completed application for renewal or pay the renewal fee on or before the expiration date, the commission may accept a later application or payment of the fee, subject to such conditions as the commission may require including, but not limited to, the assessment of a late fee; provided that between the license expiration date and the date of renewal of the license, the rights of the licensee under such license shall be expired, and during such period of expiration it shall be unlawful for any licensee to do or attempt to offer to do any of the acts of the kind and nature described in the definitions of real estate broker or real estate salesperson in section 54-2004, Idaho Code, in consideration of compensation of any kind or expectation thereof. An expired license that is not renewed within one (1) year of the expiration date shall be automatically terminated by the commission and may not be renewed.
(4)  Active and inactive license status. A licensee who is a designated broker or associated with a designated broker shall hold an active license. A licensee who has paid all applicable fees, who is not associated with a designated broker and who holds a current license that is not revoked, suspended or terminated shall hold his license on inactive status. A licensee seeking to change from active license status to inactive license status shall have the broker submit a change of status application to the commission in the form and manner approved by the commission. During the period that his license is inactive, the licensee shall not engage in the business or act in the capacity of real estate broker, associate broker or salesperson. However, an inactive licensee may receive a referral fee for any referral made during the period his license was active. A licensee may activate an inactive license by meeting each of the following:
(a)  If activating as a sales associate, associating with a designated Idaho broker and having the broker submit an application in the form and manner approved by the commission;
(b)  If activating as a designated broker, establishing an office in the manner required by this chapter and submitting an application in the form and manner approved by the commission;
(c)  Paying any required fees;
(d)  Obtaining and maintaining a policy of errors and omissions insurance as required by section 54-2013, Idaho Code, and in accordance with the rules of the commission and certifying the same; and
(e)  Successfully completing any continuing education requirements, as prescribed in section 54-2023, Idaho Code, and certifying the same for the current license period.
(5)  Continuing education. A licensee shall not submit an application to renew a license on active status or to activate an inactive license without having obtained the continuing education credit hours required by section 54-2023, Idaho Code. A licensee who violates this subsection shall be subject to disciplinary action by the commission.
(6)  Time required. The commission may request satisfactory proof of continuing education compliance from any licensee who has certified to the commission that he has completed the requirement. The request shall state the time within which the proof must be received at the commission office, which time shall not be less than ten (10) business days.
(7)  Satisfactory proof. Upon request from the commission, the licensee shall submit satisfactory proof of having met the continuing education requirement set forth in section 54-2023, Idaho Code. "Satisfactory proof" shall, for each course, consist of documentation:
(a)  Identifying the licensee, the title of the course, the course certification number, the course provider, the number of classroom hours, the completion date of the course, and including:
(i)   A transcript of the course taken;
(ii)  A letter from the provider verifying successful completion of the course; or
(iii) A course completion certificate; and
(b)  Identifying the course certification approval number to establish that the course is approved for continuing education credit as provided by section 54-2023, Idaho Code. The commission may, in its sole discretion, accept alternative documentation establishing that the course is approved for credit.
(8)  Failure to submit proof. A licensee failing to submit satisfactory proof of completing the continuing education requirement after being requested to do so by the commission may have his license inactivated by the commission and shall not be entitled to reactivate the license unless and until he provides to the commission satisfactory proof that he meets the continuing education requirements of section 54-2023, Idaho Code. Nothing in this section shall limit the ability of the commission to investigate or discipline a licensee for violating subsection (5) of this section or for violating any other section of this chapter.
(9)  Change in personal information. An individual licensee, whether active or inactive, shall provide written notice to the commission, in the form and manner approved by the commission, of any change of his personal name, address of personal residence or personal telephone number. Notice shall be provided within ten (10) business days of the change. If the licensee has changed his personal name, he shall also submit legal proof of the change and, if an active licensee, he shall have the broker submit the written notice of change to the commission.
(10) Issuance of the license and effective date. A real estate license shall be deemed issued, and any requested license changes shall become effective, when the completed application, attachments, and any required fees are received at and approved by the commission. An application that is incomplete or lacking the required fees shall be returned to the applicant and no license shall be issued until a completed application and all required fees are received at and actually approved by the commission. A brokerage is not required to obtain, display or possess a physical license certificate as evidence of the individual’s active licensure; however, the commission may make license certificates available for a fee as authorized by this chapter. A brokerage shall not display or otherwise make available to the public a license certificate for any individual who does not hold an active license with the brokerage.
(11) Fees nonrefundable. No licensee shall be entitled to a refund of any fee after the license or license change has become effective.

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