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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


54-2036.  Certification of courses and course content. Every real estate course offered for prelicense or continuing education credit for an Idaho real estate license shall first be certified and accredited by the Idaho real estate commission.
(1)  An application for course certification must be submitted in the form and manner required by the commission, with the required fees, at least two (2) months prior to the contemplated date of the first course offering.
(2)  Minimum requirements for course certification:
(a)  Each course must be certified individually, offered only through a provider certified or approved in Idaho, and taught by an instructor certified or approved in Idaho in accordance with this chapter.
(b)  Each continuing education course must contain at least one (1) classroom hour.
(c)  Exam time shall not be included as approved classroom hours of instruction.
(d)  A classroom hour is defined as a period of at least fifty (50) minutes of actual instruction.
(e)  Distance learning courses. The design and delivery of each distance learning course shall be certified by the association of real estate license law officials or by another institution whose certification standards are deemed equivalent by the commission. The credit hours for a certified distance learning course shall be based upon the same number of hours that would be credited for an equivalent live course and must include a commission-approved assessment.
(f)  Each prelicense course must include a commission-approved final exam requiring a minimum passing score of seventy percent (70%).
(g)  Continuing education course exam. A licensee may receive continuing education course credit without having to take or pass an exam if the licensee personally attends the entire live presentation of an approved course.
(h)  Exam retake policy. Each certified course provider may, at its option, allow students who complete a course and then fail the course exam one (1) opportunity to retake the approved course exam within the following time periods:
(i)   Prelicense course exam retakes must occur within one (1) month of the original course exam;
(ii)  Continuing education course exam retakes must occur within that course’s certification period;
(iii) If a student fails the retake exam for any prelicense or continuing education course, the student must repeat the entire course and pass the final exam to receive credit.
(i)  Challenge exams. Except where the prelicense requirements have been waived or modified by the commission pursuant to section 54-2022(6), Idaho Code, a student shall not earn credit for any prelicense course by challenging and passing the course exam without otherwise completing all course requirements.
(3)  Approved topics. The commission shall establish specific, approved topics for course content for prelicense courses and continuing education courses as it deems appropriate to current real estate practices and laws.

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