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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


54-2046.  Trust account disbursements. The broker who holds entrusted funds or like payments in lieu of cash received in a regulated real estate transaction is fully responsible for all such funds until a full accounting has been made to the parties involved. All cash or like payments in lieu of cash must be disbursed from the real estate trust account only in accordance with this section. Failure to comply with this section is a violation of license law and will subject the broker to discipline.
(1)  Written authorization required. No disbursements shall be made without a written, signed authorization by the parties to the transaction or an order of the court. Written and signed instructions from parties to the transaction may be in the purchase and sale agreement or in a separate document.
(2)  Disbursements in advance of closing. No disbursements shall be made in advance of closing or before the happening of a condition set forth in the purchase and sale agreement or other agreement in a regulated real estate transaction to the seller, closing agent or any other person without the required written and signed authorization.
(3)  Disbursements to escrow agent. When set forth in the purchase and sale agreement that funds are to be disbursed to the person or company named as the escrow closing agent or agency, such disbursement shall be made to the person, company, agent or agency on or before the day of closing, and a receipt for such disbursement shall be retained in the broker’s transaction file.
(4)  Withdrawal of broker’s commission. No disbursement of any portion of the broker’s commission shall take place without prior written, signed authorization from the buyer and seller or until copies of the closing statements, signed by the buyer and seller, have been delivered to the broker and until the buyer or seller has been paid the amount due as determined by the closing statement.
(5)  Provision for forfeited earnest money. The purchase and sale agreement must include a provision for division of moneys taken as earnest money when the transaction is not closed and such moneys are retained by any person as forfeited payment.

[54-2046, added 2000, ch. 285, sec. 3, p. 937; am. 2001, ch. 123, sec. 18, p. 437.]

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