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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


54-2057.  Death or incapacity of a designated broker. (1) Legal business entities. Upon the death or incapacity of a designated broker for a legal business entity licensed as a real estate brokerage company in Idaho, the licensed entity shall appoint and designate a qualified individual as designated broker in the manner and within the time required in section 54-2039, Idaho Code, or shall cease to be licensed.
(2)  Sole proprietorships. Upon the death or incapacity of a sole proprietor broker, the commission may issue a limited authorization for an executor, administrator, conservator, personal representative, court-appointed guardian, or some other person or agency to close out the pending transactions on behalf of the deceased or incapacitated broker, and only in accordance with the provisions of this section. The person given temporary authority shall close out the affairs of the deceased or incapacitated sole proprietor broker by taking the following actions:
(a)  Termination of listings and buyer brokerage agreements. Termination of all listings and buyer brokerage agreements in which there are not outstanding offers or earnest money receipts.
(b)  Completion of negotiations. Completion of all negotiations between buyers and sellers on transactions in which an offer to purchase has been written or received.
(c)  Accounting for moneys. Depositing and withdrawing moneys from the real estate trust account in connection with completion of all transactions still pending at the time of death of a sole proprietor broker.
(d)  Commissions. Prompt payment of all real estate commissions owing after closing of all transactions, both to the decedent broker’s duly appointed personal representative and to sales associates of the deceased broker or participating brokers entitled to commissions resulting from the transactions.

[54-2057, added 2000, ch. 285, sec. 3, p. 944.]

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