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54-2307.  Qualifications for license — Applicants for whom an examination may be required. An applicant shall be qualified for a license to practice psychology provided proof satisfactory to the board has been received showing:
(1)  That the applicant has not been convicted, found guilty, or received a withheld judgment or suspended sentence in this state or in any other state of a crime deemed relevant in accordance with section 67-9411(1), Idaho Code; and
(2)  Either one of the following:
(a)  Graduation from an accredited college or university with a doctoral degree in psychology and two (2) years of supervised experience acceptable to the board, one (1) year of which may include a predoctoral practicum or internship and one (1) of which must be postdoctoral; or
(b)  Graduation from an accredited college or university with a doctoral degree in a field related to psychology, provided experience and training are acceptable to the board; and
(3)  Successful passage of an examination if such examination is required by the rules duly adopted by the board; and
(4)  Receipt of a completed application accompanied by an application fee as established by board rules not to exceed three hundred dollars ($300), and when an examination is required a processing fee of twenty-five dollars ($25.00) payable to the division of occupational and professional licenses. The fee for any required examination or reexamination shall be submitted directly to the national examining entity. The application fee and the processing fee are not refundable.

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