Idaho Statutes

54-2604.  Plumbing systems. (1) A plumbing system, public or private, means and includes:
(a)  Plumbing fixtures, interconnecting system pipes and traps;
(b)  Soil, waste and vent pipes;
(c)  Building drains and building sewers;
(d)  Sanitary and storm water drainage facilities;
(e)  Liquid waste and sewerage facilities;
(f)  Water supply systems and distribution and disposal pipes of any premises;
(g)  Water treating and water using equipment attached to a plumbing system except for water conditioning equipment;
(h)  All the respective connections, devices and appurtenances of any plumbing system, public or private, within or adjacent to any building, residence, manufactured housing, or structure to and including a connection with any point of a public or private supply, distribution or disposal system or other acceptable terminal; and
(i)  Water heaters and all associated venting dedicated exclusively thereto.
(2)  As used in this section, "water conditioning equipment" shall mean those devices necessary to remove impurities and sediment from water.
(3)  A plumbing system does not include a single service integrated fire sprinkler system as defined in section 41-254, Idaho Code.
(4)  It shall be unlawful for any person, firm, copartnership, association or corporation to do, or cause to be done, whether acting as a principal, agent, or employee, any construction, installation, improvement, extension or alteration of any plumbing system or water conditioning equipment in any residence, building, or structure, or service lines thereto, in the state of Idaho, without complying with the bonding provisions as provided by section 54-2602, Idaho Code.

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