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54-2620.  Permits required — Exceptions. It shall be unlawful for any person, firm, copartnership, association or corporation to do, or cause or permit to be done, after the adoption of this act, whether acting as principal, agent or employee, any construction, installation, improvement, extension or alteration of any plumbing system in any building, residence or structure, or service lines thereto, in the state of Idaho, without first procuring a permit from the division of building safety authorizing such work to be done, except:
(1)  Within the boundaries of incorporated cities, including those specially chartered, where such work is regulated and enforced by an ordinance or code equivalent to this chapter;
(2)  Within such additional area within five (5) miles of the city limits over which such city has elected to exercise jurisdiction relative to building drains and building sewers pursuant to section 50-606, Idaho Code, on buildings, residences and structures being converted from an on-site sewage disposal system to a sewage disposal system supplied by the city, where such work is regulated and enforced by an ordinance or code equivalent to this chapter. Cities shall provide the division of building safety written notice of the area over which such jurisdiction will be exercised. No city may exercise such jurisdiction within the limits of another city unless both cities have agreed by ordinance to allow such jurisdiction. For purposes of this chapter, building drain and building sewer will be defined according to the definition found in the uniform plumbing code or as adopted by the board, pursuant to section 54-2601, Idaho Code.
Permits shall be issued only to a person holding a valid certificate of competency, to a firm, copartnership, association or corporation represented by a person holding a valid certificate of competency, or to a person excepted or for work excepted from the certificate of competency requirements pursuant to section 54-2602(1)(a), (1)(e), (1)(f), (1)(g), or (1)(i), Idaho Code. Permits shall not be required for plumbing work described in section 54-2602(1)(b), (1)(c), or (1)(d), Idaho Code.
Provided, a licensed plumber is hereby authorized, after making application for permit and pending receipt of permit, to proceed and complete improvements or alterations to plumbing systems when the cost of said improvement or alteration does not exceed the sum of five hundred dollars ($500). Inspection of such work shall be the responsibility of the permit holder pending an official inspection, which shall be made within sixty (60) days after notification of inspection.

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