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54-2803.  State board of registration for professional geologists — Creation — Terms of members — Oath. A state board of registration for professional geologists is hereby created in the division of occupational and professional licenses whose duty it shall be to administer the provisions of this chapter. The board shall consist of five (5) members, who shall be appointed by and shall serve at the pleasure of the governor, four (4) of whom shall have the qualifications required by section 54-2804, Idaho Code, and one (1) of whom shall be a member of the public with an interest in the rights of the consumers of geologist services.
The board shall be comprised of members representing at least three (3) of the following categories: academic geologists, government geologists, salaried company geologists and independent or consultant geologists.
Each member of the board shall take, subscribe and file the oath required by chapter 4, title 59, Idaho Code, before entering upon the duties of his office. On the expiration of the term of any member his successor shall be appointed in like manner by the governor for a term of five (5) years.
Members of the board shall hold office until the expiration of the term for which they were appointed and until their successors have been appointed and qualified.

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