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54-303.  DEFINITIONS. As used in this chapter:
(1)  "Architect" means a person who engages in the practice of architecture as defined in this section and is licensed under the provisions of this chapter.
(2)  "Architectural intern" means a person enrolled in a national council of architectural registration boards’ architectural experience program and who, in fulfillment of the requirements of that program, is working under the direct supervision of an architect licensed under this chapter.
(3)  "Board" means the board of architects and landscape architects.
(4)  "Building" means an enclosure, including related improvements, that has as its principal purpose the adaptation of space for occupancy or habitation by human beings.
(5)  "Practice of architecture" means rendering or offering those services described in this subsection in connection with the design, construction, enlargement or alteration of a building or a group of buildings. The services covered within this definition include architectural planning, advice and consultation; providing preliminary studies; architectural designs, drawings and specifications; technical submissions; and administration of construction contracts.
(6)  "Prototypical building" means any commercial building or space within a commercial building that is intended to be constructed in multiple locations, that has been constructed in multiple locations and that conveys an owner’s intended uniform business program, plan or image.
(7)  "Prototypical building documents" means technical submissions for prototypical buildings that:
(a)  Are prepared by or under the responsible control of an architect then licensed in any jurisdiction and holding the certification issued by the national council of architectural registration boards;
(b)  Identify the architect, together with the architect’s license number and jurisdiction or the architect’s license and national council of architectural registration boards certification number; and
(c)  Are marked "prototypical design documents not for construction." Prototypical building documents do not comprise a final, comprehensive set of design and construction documents because a prototypical building also requires adaptations for local conditions, including site conditions, and may require additional design.
(8)  "Responsible control" means that amount of control over and detailed knowledge of the content of technical submissions during their preparation as is ordinarily exercised by registered architects applying the required professional standard of care. Reviewing, or reviewing and correcting, technical submissions after they have been prepared by others does not constitute the exercise of responsible control because the reviewer has neither control over nor detailed knowledge of the content of such submissions throughout their preparation.
(9)  "Technical submissions" involving the practice of architecture consist of designs, drawings, specifications, studies and other technical reports prepared in the course of practicing architecture.

[54-303, added 2018, ch. 129, sec. 2, p. 270; am. 2022, ch. 42, sec. 1, p. 105.]

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