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54-3913.  Board of medicine and board of athletic trainers — Powers and duties. (1) The board shall administer, coordinate, and enforce the provisions of this chapter, evaluate the qualifications and fitness of applicants, and approve the applications for licensure under this chapter, and may issue subpoenas, examine witnesses, and administer oaths, and may investigate practices which are alleged to violate the provisions of this chapter. The board of athletic trainers shall evaluate all applicants for qualification and fitness for licensure and make recommendations to and consult with the board concerning issuance of licenses, revocation of licenses and rules to be promulgated under this chapter.
(2)  The board shall, upon recommendation of the board of athletic trainers, adopt rules pursuant to chapter 52, title 67, Idaho Code, relating to professional conduct to carry out the policy of this chapter including, but not limited to, rules relating to professional licensure and to the establishment of ethical standards of practice, disciplinary proceedings, refusal to renew license proceedings, license suspension proceedings, or license revocation proceedings for persons licensed to practice as an athletic trainer in this state.
(3)  The board of athletic trainers shall hold meetings, conduct hearings and keep records and minutes as are necessary to carry out its functions.
(4)  Every person licensed as an athletic trainer in Idaho shall be subject to discipline pursuant to the powers set forth in this chapter and the rules of the board of medicine promulgated pursuant thereto. The board of athletic trainers shall have no authority to impose sanctions or limitations or conditions on licenses issued under this chapter and shall be authorized only to make recommendations to the board with respect thereto. Members of the board of athletic trainers shall disqualify themselves and, on motion of any interested party, may on proper showing, be disqualified in any proceeding concerning which they have an actual conflict of interest or bias which interferes with their fair and impartial service.
(5)  In addition to its other powers, the board of athletic trainers shall be empowered and authorized:
(a)  To recommend that the board reprimand by informal admonition any licensed athletic trainer respecting any matter it finds is minor misconduct. Such reprimand shall be subject to disclosure according to chapter 1, title 74, Idaho Code.
(b)  To recommend that the board order, for good cause, nondisciplinary suspension or transfer to inactive status of any licensed athletic trainer incapacitated by illness, senility, disability, or addiction to drugs, intoxicants or other chemical or like substances, and to provide terms and conditions therefor, including provisions and conditions controlling reinstatement and any request therefor; provided, this paragraph shall not be construed to amend or repeal specific legislation expressly dealing with disabled athletic trainers whether heretofore or hereafter enacted by the legislature of the state of Idaho, but rather shall be construed as complementary thereto.
(c)  To recommend that the board accept the resignation and surrender of the license of any athletic trainer under investigation or prosecution who tenders the same, and to impose terms and conditions in connection therewith as it may deem appropriate in the best interests of the public and of justice.
(d)  To recommend that the board provide by order for reciprocal discipline in cases involving a licensed athletic trainer or applicant disciplined in any other jurisdiction, provided that such licensee or applicant shall be entitled to appear and show cause why such order should not apply in his or her case.
(e)  To recommend that the board provide for reasonable fees through rules for administrative costs.
(6)  The assessment of attorney’s fees and costs incurred in an investigation and prosecution or defense in an administrative proceeding against a licensee under this chapter shall be governed by the provisions of section 12-117(5), Idaho Code.

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