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54-5006.  Administrator of the division of occupational and professional licenses. The administrator shall exercise such powers and duties as are reasonably necessary to enforce standards provided in this chapter, and he may, among other things:
(1)  Serve as secretary to the Idaho heating, ventilation and air conditioning board.
(2)  Appoint state mechanical inspectors who shall be authorized to enter and inspect by and through a properly identified person, at reasonable hours, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.
(3)  Make HVAC inspections for another state or local jurisdiction upon request by an appropriate building official. Such inspections shall be made in accordance with the applicable HVAC codes of the requesting jurisdiction. Fees charged for such inspection services shall be as provided in the rules promulgated by the board.
(4)  Notwithstanding the exception provided in section 54-5002(1)(e), Idaho Code, the administrator may make inspections of modular buildings constructed in Idaho upon written request from the manufacturer. Such inspections shall be made in accordance with the codes adopted in this chapter. Inspection fees for such inspections shall be as provided in section 39-4303, Idaho Code. The administrator may issue an insignia of approval if the buildings are in compliance with the requirements set forth in chapter 43, title 39, Idaho Code.
(5)  Summon witnesses to appear and testify before him on any matter within the provisions of this chapter. No person shall be required to testify outside the county wherein he resides or where his principal place of business is located. Such summons to testify shall be issued and served in like manner as a subpoena to witness issued from the district court, or in other manner consistent with procedure of the division of occupational and professional licenses. In case any witness shall fail or refuse to appear and testify upon being summoned as herein provided, the clerk of the district court of the county shall, upon demand by said administrator or his designated agent, issue a subpoena reciting the demand therefor and summoning the witness to appear and testify at a time and place fixed. Violation of such subpoena or disobedience thereto shall be deemed and punished as a violation of any other subpoena issued from the district court.
(6)  Administer oaths and take affirmations of witnesses appearing before him or a duly appointed hearing officer; and have the power to appoint competent persons to issue subpoenas, administer oaths and take testimony.
(7)  Impose civil penalties as provided in this chapter and rules of the board.

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