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54-5015.  Exclusive jurisdiction of the state — Restriction on requirement for additional licenses or fees — Clarification of certification, licensing and permitting requirements. (1) Only the administrator of the division of occupational and professional licenses of the state of Idaho is authorized and empowered to conduct examinations and to pass upon the qualifications of applicants, and to grant and issue certificates of competency and registration of apprentices to such applicants as are found to be qualified to engage in the trade, business, work or practice of heating, ventilation and air conditioning.
(2)  No local jurisdiction shall have the authority to require additional certification or registration or to require payment of any fees in order for any HVAC contractor, specialty contractor, journeyman, specialty journeyman, apprentice, or specialty apprentice to engage in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning trade within the local jurisdiction or to issue certificates to persons certified or registered under the provisions of this chapter.
(3)  Nothing in this chapter shall restrict a city or county from imposing stricter public safety rules, notwithstanding any provision of Idaho Code.
(4)  A certificate issued pursuant to chapter 26, title 54, Idaho Code, or a license issued pursuant to chapter 10, title 54, Idaho Code, shall be acceptable for all HVAC installation work that falls within the scope of the certificate or license that has been issued. This will allow:
(a)  Individuals holding a current HVAC or electrical license or a current plumbing certification to install electrical circuitry from the disconnecting means to a water heater and electrical connections to the water heater as long as the disconnect is in sight from the unit and the circuit from the disconnecting means to the water heater is no more than fifty (50) feet long;
(b)  Individuals holding a current HVAC or electrical license to install:
(i)   Electrical space heaters with no attached ductwork;
(ii)  Electrical connections to HVAC equipment from the disconnecting means to the unit as long as the disconnect is in sight from the unit and the circuit from the disconnecting means to the HVAC equipment is no more than fifty (50) feet long; and
(iii) Ventilating fans, except ducted range hoods in residences;
(c)  Individuals holding either an HVAC certification or plumbing certification to install:
(i)   Boilers that are not otherwise subject to inspection by the industrial commission or its authorized agent;
(ii)   Fuel piping;
(iii) Piping for hydronic systems; and
(iv)  Piping for steam and hot water boiler systems;
(d)  HVAC licensees to install control wiring of twenty-four (24) volts or less for HVAC equipment of five (5) tons or less in capacity.
(5)  Notwithstanding any other provision of this section, plumbing certificate holders are not authorized to install control wiring in HVAC equipment, regardless of voltage.

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