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54-5109.  grounds for discipline or denial of a license. (1) The board, upon recommendation of the naturopathic medical board, or on its own motion, may refuse to issue or renew a license or may revoke, suspend, or otherwise discipline a license holder for any of the following grounds:
(a)  The use of fraud or deceit in obtaining a license under this chapter or in connection with services rendered as a naturopathic medical doctor;
(b)  A legal finding of mental incompetence;
(c)  Aiding or abetting a person, not duly licensed under this chapter, in claiming to be a naturopathic medical doctor or in practicing naturopathic medicine;
(d)  Gross negligence, incompetence, or misconduct in the performance of naturopathic medicine;
(e)  Conviction of a felony or the entering of a plea of guilty or the finding of guilt by a jury or court of commission of a felony;
(f)  Providing health care that fails to meet the standard of health care provided by other qualified naturopathic medical doctors in the same community or similar communities, taking into account their training, experience, and the degree of expertise to which they hold themselves out to the public;
(g)  Violating any law or rule pursuant to this chapter;
(h)  Engaging in any conduct that constitutes an abuse or exploitation of a patient arising out of the trust and confidence placed in the naturopathic physician by the patient;
(i)  Having a license to practice naturopathic medicine or other health care license or certificate refused, revoked, suspended, or otherwise disciplined by any state, territory, district of the United States, or Canada;
(j)  Prescribing, dispensing, or administering any controlled substance or device except as authorized by this chapter, or as authorized by the medical practice act in section 54-1804(1)(g), Idaho Code;
(k)  Performing surgical procedures, except those minor office procedures authorized by this chapter;
(l)  Administering ionizing radioactive substances for therapeutic purposes;
(m)  Performing surgical procedures using a laser device;
(n)  Inducing or performing an abortion;
(o)  Failure to comply with a board order; or
(p)  Committing an act that constitutes a felony.
(2)  The board may reinstate any revoked or suspended license on such terms as it may determine upon recommendation of the naturopathic medical board or upon its own motion.
(3)  This section shall take effect on July 1, 2020.

[54-5109, added 2019, ch. 208, sec. 1, p. 638.]

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