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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


54-5215.  Authority to investigate and discipline — Suspension or revocation of registration. (1) The board may investigate any person engaged in contracting within the state of Idaho or any person believed to have acted as a contractor without being duly registered as required by this chapter. Upon receipt of a written complaint from a person who claims to have been injured or defrauded by such person, or upon information received by the board, the board shall perform an investigation of the facts alleged against such person. If the board investigation reveals that the facts alleged or received are sufficient to proceed with a formal action, the board may authorize the filing of an administrative complaint against such person and may seek injunctive relief prohibiting such person from engaging in construction.
(2)  The board shall have the authority to issue informal letters of reprimand, suspend or revoke a registration, impose a civil penalty in an amount not to exceed one thousand dollars ($1,000) or to issue a formal reprimand against any registered contractor if, after an opportunity for a hearing, the board determines that:
(a)  A contractor has violated any of the provisions of this chapter including, but not limited to, failure to keep current or provide insurance coverage as required by this chapter;
(b)  A contractor has violated any of the provisions of chapter 6, title 48, Idaho Code, relating to consumer protection including, but not limited to, making fraudulent misrepresentations to consumers;
(c)  A contractor employed fraud or deception, made a misrepresentation or misstatement, or employed any unlawful means in applying for or securing registration as a contractor;
(d)  A contractor employed fraud or deception, made a misrepresentation or misstatement, or employed any unlawful means in applying for or securing a building permit or other permits for construction of any type;
(e)  A contractor failed to pay the required fee for registration as provided in this chapter;
(f)  A contractor has been convicted of or has engaged in conduct constituting a violation of public laws, ordinances or rules of this state, or any subdivision thereof, relevant to contracting, reflecting on the registered contractor’s ability or qualifications to continue contracting for other persons, and making the registered contractor a threat to the public safety, health or well-being;
(g)  A contractor has engaged in any other conduct whether of the same or a different character than hereinabove specified which constitutes dishonest or dishonorable dealings;
(h)  A contractor had a license, registration or certification revoked, suspended or refused by this or another state, territory, incorporated municipality, county, alternative form of local government, or other municipal or political corporation or subdivision of this or another state, or omitted such information from any application to the board, or failed to divulge such information when requested by the board;
(i)  A contractor has been adjudged mentally incompetent by a court of competent jurisdiction; or
(j)  A contractor interfered with an investigation or disciplinary proceeding by a willful misrepresentation of facts or by the use of threats or harassment against any person to prevent such person from providing evidence in a disciplinary proceeding, investigation or other legal action instituted in accordance with this chapter.
(3)  A contractor whose registration has been revoked or suspended shall be required to return his certificate of registration within the time determined by the board or, upon a failure to do so, shall be liable for civil penalties as set by the board but not to exceed fifty dollars ($50.00) per day for each day the certificate is not returned after the expiration of the period allowed.
(4)  The suspension or revocation of a registration shall be considered a contested case as provided for in chapter 52, title 67, Idaho Code, and shall be subject to the provisions of that chapter as well as the administrative rules adopted by the board governing contested cases.
(5)  The assessment of attorney’s fees and costs incurred in the investigation and prosecution or defense of a person under this section shall be governed by the provisions of section 12-117(5), Idaho Code.

[54-5215, added 2005, ch. 153, sec. 1, p. 478; am. 2018, ch. 348, sec. 21, p. 817; am. 2020, ch. 320, sec. 2, p. 919.]

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