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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


54-5615.  CONFIDENTIAL COMMUNICATIONS. No licensee shall disclose any information that he may have acquired from a client consulting him in his professional capacity that was necessary to enable him to render services in his professional capacity to those persons, except:
(1)  With the written consent of that client or, in the case of death or disability, the written consent of the client’s personal representative, other person or entity authorized to sue, or the beneficiary of an insurance policy on their life, health or physical condition;
(2)  That a licensee shall not be required to treat as a confidential communication anything that reveals the contemplation or execution of a crime or harmful act;
(3)  When the client is a minor under the laws of this state, and the information acquired by the licensee indicates that the minor was the victim or subject of a crime, the licensee may testify fully in relation to such information upon any examination, trial or other proceeding in which the commission of such a crime is the subject of the inquiry;
(4)  When the client waives the privilege by bringing charges or other claims against the licensee; or
(5)  To the board or its authorized agent in connection with an investigation or other proceeding by the board or its agent under this chapter.

[54-5615, added 2015, ch. 128, sec. 1, p. 327.]

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