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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


54-5713.  virtual care licensure exemptions and jurisdiction consent. (1) Prior to delivering health care services via virtual care, a provider must obtain a license from the applicable licensing board, except a license is not required for virtual care when a provider licensed and in good standing in another state or jurisdiction of the United States:
(a)  Has established a patient-provider relationship with a person who is in Idaho temporarily for business, work, education, vacation, or other reasons and such person requires health care services from that provider;
(b)  Has established a patient-provider relationship with a person and provides temporary or short-term follow-up health care services to such person to ensure continuity of care;
(c)  Is employed by or contracted with an Idaho facility or hospital to provide care services for which the provider has been privileged and credentialed;
(d)  Renders health care services in a time of disaster and provides follow-up health care services to ensure continuity of care;
(e)  Provides health care services in preparation for a scheduled in-person care visit; or
(f)  Consults with or refers a patient to an Idaho licensed provider.
(2)  By engaging in virtual care with a patient located in Idaho, a provider exempted from Idaho licensure under subsection (1) of this section consents to the applicable Idaho laws, rules, and regulations governing the provider’s profession, including this chapter and the Idaho community standard of care, the jurisdiction of Idaho courts, the jurisdiction of the division of occupational and professional licenses, and the jurisdiction of the applicable licensing board regulating the provider’s profession, including the division’s and licensing board’s complaint, investigation, and hearing process and ability to seek injunctions and impose civil penalties and fines.

[54-5713, added 2023, ch. 102, sec. 19, p. 306.]

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