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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


55-1506.  Administration — By-laws — Articles of incorporation — Recordation required to modify or amend. Except when a domestic corporation has been formed and is designated in the declaration to serve as a management body and to administer the project, the administration of every project shall be governed by by-laws, which may either be embodied in the declaration or in a separate instrument which shall be recorded with the declaration. When a domestic corporation is so formed and designated the owner or owners shall append to and record with the declaration a certified copy of its articles of incorporation from which it must appear (a) that the purpose for which such corporation was formed and its powers are consistent with the provisions of this act and (b) that the members or stockholders of the corporation must be and remain owners of condominiums within the said project and include all owners of condominiums within the project. When a corporate organization is so utilized, the administration of the project need not be governed by by-law provisions hereinafter set forth but shall be subject to the law of corporations. No modification or amendment of the declaration, of such articles or of recorded by-laws shall be effective until the same is recorded in the county where the original document was first recorded.

[55-1506, added 1965, ch. 225, sec. 6, p. 515.]

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