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55-1528.  statement of account — disclosure of fees. (1) A management body or its agent shall provide a unit owner and the owner’s agent, if any, a statement of the unit owner’s account not more than five (5) business days after receipt of a request by the unit owner or the unit owner’s agent received by the management body, the management body’s manager, president, board member, or other agent, or any combination thereof. The statement of account shall include, at a minimum, the amount of annual charges against the unit, the date when said amounts are due, and any unpaid assessments or other charges due and owing from such owner at the time of the request. The management body shall be bound by the amounts set forth within such statement of account.
(2)  On or before January 1 of each year, a management body or its agent shall provide unit owners a disclosure of fees that will be charged to a unit owner in connection with any transfer of ownership of a unit. Fees imposed by a management body for the calendar year following the disclosure of fees shall not exceed the amount set forth on the annual disclosure, and no surcharge or additional fees shall be charged to any unit owner in connection with any transfer of ownership of the unit. No fees may be charged for expeditiously providing a unit owner’s statement of account as set forth in this section.

[55-1528, added 2018, ch. 205, sec. 3, p. 458.]

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