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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


55-1603.  Definitions. Except where the context indicates a different meaning, terms used in this chapter shall be defined as follows:
(1)  "Accessory to a corner" means any exclusively identifiable physical object whose spatial relationship to the corner is recorded. Accessories may be bearing trees, bearing objects, monuments, reference points, line trees, pits, mounds, charcoal-filled bottles, steel or wooden stakes, or other objects.
(2)  "Benchmark" means a material object, natural or artificial, whose elevation is referenced to an adopted datum.
(3)  "Board" means the board of licensure of professional engineers and professional land surveyors.
(4)  "Control survey" means a survey that provides horizontal or vertical position data for the support or control of subordinate surveys or for mapping.
(5)  "Corner," unless otherwise defined, means a property corner, or a property controlling corner, or a public land survey corner, or any combination of these.
(6)  "Establish" means to determine the position of a corner either physically or mathematically.
(7)  "Monument" means a physical structure intended to mark, reference, or witness a line, corner, or position.
(8)  "Professional land surveyor" means any person who is authorized by the laws of this state to practice land surveying.
(9)  "Property controlling corner" for a property means a public land survey corner, property corner, reference point or witness corner that controls the location of one (1) or more of the property corners of the property in question.
(10) "Property corner" means a geographic point on the surface of the earth and is on, a part of, and controls a property line.
(11) "Public land survey corner" means any point actually established and monumented in an original survey or resurvey that determines the boundaries of remaining public lands, or public lands patented, represented on an official plat and in the field notes thereof, accepted and approved under authority delegated by congress to the U.S. general land office (GLO) and the U.S. department of interior, bureau of land management. This excludes GLO-surveyed townsite lot corners, except those marking exterior angle points or block corners within the townsite.
(12) "Reference point" means a special monumented point that does not occupy the same geographical position as the corner itself, and where the spatial relationship to the corner is recorded, and which serves to locate the corner.
(13) "Witness corner" means a monumented point on a lot line or boundary line of a survey, near a corner, and established in situations where it is impracticable to occupy or monument the corner.

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