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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


55-1906.  Records of survey — Contents. The records of survey shall, at a minimum, show:
(1)  All monuments found or set or reset or replaced, or removed, describing their kind, size, location using bearings and distances, and giving other data relating thereto;
(2)  Evidence of compliance with chapter 16, title 55, Idaho Code, including instrument numbers of the most current corner records related to the survey being submitted and instrument numbers of corner records of corners which are set in conjunction with the survey being submitted; basis of bearings, bearing and length of lines, graphic scale of map, and north arrow;
(3)  Section, or part of section, township and range in which the survey is located and reference to surveys of record within or crossing or adjoining the survey;
(4)  Certificate of survey;
(5)  Ties to at least two (2) monuments from the following list:
(a)  Public land survey corners;
(b)  Center of section, quarter section corners, or sixteenth section corners, any of which were not monumented in an original survey of the United States, provided such corners have a corner record meeting the current requirements of chapter 16, title 55, Idaho Code; or
(c)  Monuments recognized by the county surveyor.
Additionally, if required by the city or county governing bodies, the record shall provide coordinates based on the Idaho coordinate system.
Records of survey within previously platted subdivisions of record need not be tied to public land survey corner monuments; and
(6)  Surveyor’s narrative. The narrative must explain:
(a)  The purpose of the survey and how the boundary lines and other lines were established or reestablished and the reasoning behind the decisions;
(b)  Which deed records, deed elements, survey records, found survey monuments, plat records, road records, or other pertinent data were controlling when establishing or reestablishing the lines; and
(c)  For surveys that contain a vertical component, the narrative shall show the benchmarks used, the vertical datum referenced, and the methodology used to achieve the elevations.

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