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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


55-2207.  Excavation contracts — Limitations — Precautions to avoid damage — Liability for damage. (1) Project owners shall indicate in bid or contract documents the existence of underground facilities known by the project owner to be located within the proposed area of excavation.
(2)  An excavator shall use reasonable care to avoid damaging underground facilities. An excavator shall:
(a)  Determine by hand digging, in the area twenty-four (24) inches or less from the facilities, the precise actual location of underground facilities that have been marked;
(b)  Plan the excavation to avoid damage to or minimize interference with underground facilities in and near the excavation area; and
(c)  Provide such support for underground facilities in and near the construction area, including during backfill operations, as may be reasonably necessary for the protection of such facilities.
(3)  If an underground facility is damaged and such damage is the consequence of the failure to fulfill an obligation under this chapter, the party failing to perform that obligation shall be liable for the damage to the underground facility. Nothing in this chapter prevents the parties to an excavation contract from contracting with respect to the allocation of risk for changed or differing site conditions.
(4)  In any action brought under this section, the prevailing party is entitled to reasonable attorney’s fees.

[(55-2207) 55-2205, added 1990, ch. 351, sec. 1, p. 942; am. and redesig. 2016, ch. 325, sec. 7, p. 901; am. 2023, ch. 191, sec. 4, p. 526.]

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