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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


55-3209.  political signs. (1) Except as otherwise provided in this section, no homeowner’s association may add, amend, or enforce any covenant, condition, or restriction in such a way that prohibits or has the effect of prohibiting the display of a political sign.
(2)  A homeowner’s association may adopt reasonable rules, subject to any applicable laws or ordinances, regarding the time, size, place, number, and manner of display of political signs.
(3)  A homeowner’s association may remove a political sign without liability if the sign:
(a)  Is placed within the common areas, including limited common areas, other property or improvements owned or maintained by the homeowner’s association, or property owned in common by the members of the homeowner’s association;
(b)  Threatens the public health or safety;
(c)  Violates an applicable law or ordinance; or
(d)  Is accompanied by sound or music or if any other materials are attached to the political sign.
(4)  Except as provided in subsection (3) of this section, a homeowner’s association shall not remove a political sign from the property of a member or impose any fine or penalty upon the member unless it has first provided the member three (3) days’ written notice that specifically identifies the rule and the nature of the violation.
(5)  For the purpose of this chapter, "political sign" means any fixed, ground-mounted display in support of or in opposition to a candidate for office or a ballot measure.

[55-3209, added 2022, ch. 323, sec. 4, p. 1043.]

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