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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


56-203.  Powers of state department. The state department shall have the power to:
(1)  Enter into contracts and agreements with the federal government through its appropriate agency or instrumentality whereby the state of Idaho shall receive federal grants-in-aid or other benefits for public assistance or public welfare purposes under any act or acts of congress heretofore or hereafter enacted;
(2)  Cooperate with the federal government in carrying out the purposes of any federal acts pertaining to public assistance or welfare services, and in other matters of mutual concern;
(3)  Cooperate with county governments and other branches of government and other agencies, public or private, in administering and furnishing public welfare services;
(4)  Enter into reciprocal agreements with other states relative to the provisions of public assistance and welfare services to residents and nonresidents;
(5)  Initiate and administer public assistance and social services for persons with physical or mental disabilities;
(6)  Establish such requirements of residence for public assistance under this chapter as may be deemed advisable, subject to any limitations imposed in this chapter;
(7)  Define persons entitled to medical assistance in such terms as will meet requirements for federal financial participation in medical assistance payments;
(8)  Accept the legal custody of children committed to it by district courts of this state under the child protective act, to provide protective supervision as defined therein, to place children for adoption when such children are in the legal custody of the state department and are legally available for adoption, and to exercise consent to adoption when the authority to do so is vested in the department by court order or legally authorized parental relinquishment;
(9)  Determine the amount, duration and scope of care and services to be purchased as medical assistance on behalf of needy eligible individuals;
(10) Manage and operate the southwest Idaho treatment center at Nampa, Idaho; and
(11) Manage and operate state hospital north at Orofino, Idaho; state hospital south at Blackfoot, Idaho; and state hospital west at Nampa, Idaho.

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