Idaho Statutes

57-216.  Sale of bonds — Contents of notice — Bids — Deposit by bidder — Acceptance or rejection of bids. A notice of public sale shall set forth the intention of the issuing corporation to sell such bonds or a specified part thereof and shall request and require sealed or electronic bids therefor and require bidders to submit bids specifying (a) the lowest rate of interest and premium, if any above par, at which the bidder will purchase such bonds, or (b) the lowest rate of interest at which the bidder will purchase such bonds at par, and shall require each such bid (except any bid which may be received from the state of Idaho or its department of finance) to be accompanied by a cashier’s check, a certified check, or surety bond made payable to the issuing corporation in such amount as the governing body deems necessary or by a cash deposit in like amount, which such cashier’s check, certified check, surety bond or cash deposit shall be returned to any such bidder if his bid be not accepted, and which cashier’s check, certified check, surety bond or cash deposit of any successful bidder who shall fail, neglect, or refuse to accept the bonds so sold to complete and to pay therefor in accordance with the terms of such successful bid within thirty (30) days following the acceptance thereof, shall be forfeited to the issuing corporation. Such notice shall state the maximum rate of interest which such bonds may legally bear and that none of the bonds shall be sold for less than par and accrued interest to date of delivery thereof, and shall specify the place and designate the day and hour, respectively, as the place where, and the time prior to which, any such sealed or electronic bids will be received for the purchase of such bonds; and at said place and time so specified in such notice and fixed or approved by the governing body as the place and time for the consideration of any such bids the said governing body and the mayor, chairman, or other chief executive officer or presiding officer of the governing body shall meet in public special or regular meeting for the purpose of considering such bids, awarding the bonds, or rejecting any and all bids therefor. At such meeting or at an adjournment thereof the said bonds shall be sold to the bidder making the best bid therefor, subject, as aforesaid, to the right of any such governing body to reject any and all bids and to readvertise any such bonds for sale in the manner herein prescribed, or at private sale, until said bonds have been sold.

[(57-216) 1927, ch. 262, sec. 5, subd. (c), p. 546; I.C.A., sec. 55-216; am. 1951, ch. 45, sec. 1, p. 55; am. 2001, ch. 264, sec. 4, p. 969.]

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