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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


57-2006.  Confidentiality. (1) Information and records contained in the TSE registry shall be kept confidential and may be released only as provided by this chapter and the rules of the department.
(2)  The department and an authorized contractor may enter into agreements to exchange confidential information with other TSE registries in order to obtain complete reports of Idaho residents treated in other states and to provide information to other states regarding their residents treated in Idaho. Agreements sharing information from the TSE registry shall include a provision requiring the receiving agency to keep such information confidential.
(3)  The department and an authorized contractor may, in their discretion, publish or furnish to health researchers and the public de-identified information including compilations and analyses thereof.
(4)  The department and an authorized contractor may furnish confidential information to other TSE registries, federal TSE programs, or health researchers in order to perform and collaborate with research studies. Persons and entities receiving confidential information for research purposes must comply with rules of the department relating to the confidentiality of TSE registry records and information.
(5)  The department and an authorized contractor may furnish confidential information relating to a specific licensed hospital, including compilations and analyses of such confidential information, to the specific licensed hospital to which it relates.
(6)  TSE registry records and information shall not be available for purposes of litigation except by order of the court. Any such order shall contain such protective provisions as are reasonable and necessary to prevent the public or further disclosure of the records and information and shall contain a provision requiring the destruction of the records and information when no longer needed for the litigation.

[57-2006, added 2002, ch. 329, sec. 2, p. 931; am. 2014, ch. 147, sec. 14, p. 409.]

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