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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


58-1305.  Noncommercial navigational encroachments — Procedures — Repairs — Forms. (a) Applications for construction or enlargement of navigational encroachments not extending beyond the line of navigability nor intended primarily for commercial or community use shall be processed by the board with a minimum of procedural requirements and shall not be denied nor appearance required except in the most unusual of circumstances or if the proposed encroachment infringes upon or it appears it may infringe upon the riparian or littoral rights of an adjacent property owner.
(b)  If the plans of the proposed encroachment indicate such infringement will or may occur, the board shall require that the applicant secure the consent of such adjacent owner or that he be given notice of the application by personal service or by certified or registered mail, return receipt requested, directed to him at his usual place of address, which, if not otherwise known, shall be the address shown on the records of the county treasurer or assessor, and such adjacent owner shall have ten (10) days from the date of personal service or receipt of certified or registered mail to file objection with the board. The application itself shall be deemed sufficient notice if the adjacent owner is the state of Idaho.
(c)  In the event objection to the application is filed by an adjacent owner or if the board deems it advisable because of the existence of unusual circumstances, the board shall fix a time, no later than sixty (60) days from the date of filing application, and a place, for affording the applicant and the adjacent owner filing objection to appear and present evidence in support of or in opposition to the application and within forty-five (45) days thereafter shall render a decision and give notice thereof to the parties concerned who may thereafter resort to appellate procedures prescribed in section 58-1306, Idaho Code.
(d)  A permit shall not be required for repair of an existing navigational encroachment.
(e)  A permit shall not be required for replacement of an existing navigational encroachment if all the following conditions are met:
(1)  The existing encroachment is covered by a valid permit in good standing.
(2)  The existing encroachment meets the current requirements for new encroachments.
(3)  The location and orientation of the replacement do not change from the existing encroachment.
(4)  The replacement will be the exact same size or smaller and the same shape as the existing encroachment.
(5)  The replacement will not be located closer to adjacent littoral right lines than the existing encroachment.
(f)  Applications submitted under this section shall be upon forms to be furnished by the board and shall be accompanied by plans of the proposed navigational encroachment containing information required by section 58-1302(k), Idaho Code, and such other information as the board may by rule require in conformance with the intent and purpose of this chapter.
(g)  If notice to an adjacent owner is not required or if the adjacent owner has consented to the proposed encroachment or has failed to file objection to the proposed encroachment within the time allowed following service of notice, the board shall act upon the application as expeditiously as possible but no later than sixty (60) days from receipt of the application and failure to act within such time shall constitute approval of the application.
(h)  All permits issued for noncommercial navigational encroachments shall be recorded in the records of the county in which the encroachment is located and shall be a condition of issuance of a permit. Proof of recordation shall be furnished to the department by the permittee before a permit becomes valid. Such recordation shall be at the expense of the permittee. Recordation of an issued permit serves only to provide constructive notice of the permit to the public and subsequent purchasers and mortgagees, but conveys no other right, title or interest on the permittee other than validation of said permit.

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