Idaho Statutes

58-819.  Rights of trustee as claimant. In case any judge or other officer who enters any such lands under the provisions of the acts of congress and thus becomes the sole trustee thereof, is possessed of, or entitled to, any part, lot, block or share thereof, according to and by virtue of the provisions of this chapter, and the same is not claimed adversely to him by any person, he is seized and possessed of the title thereto and estate therein to his own use in fee simple, absolute, free and discharged of such trust, and no conveyance other than the patent of the lands including the same is necessary to perfect his absolute title thereto. In case any such land or share therein so claimed by said judge or other officer, is claimed by any other person adversely to him, the conflicting claims must be adjusted or determined by settlement, arbitration or action as hereinbefore prescribed.

[(58-819) 1874, p. 698, sec. 11; am. R.S., sec. 2210; am. R.C., sec. 2165; reen. C.L., sec. 2165; C.S., sec. 3782; I.C.A., sec. 56-719.]

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