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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


59-802.  Definitions. (1) "Administrator" means the administrator of the division of insurance management in the department of administration, as provided by section 67-5760, Idaho Code.
(2)  "Agency" means each department, institution, board, bureau, commission or committee of the government of the state, including state educational institutions, the supreme court and district courts, but does not include any political subdivisions of the state.
(3)  "Blanket surety bond" means a schedule or blanket corporate surety covering all or any group of public officials or employees of the state or of an individual political subdivision. Any blanket or schedule bond provided, issued in lieu of individual surety bonds, shall contain all terms and conditions required for an individual surety bond as herein provided.
(4)  "Crime insurance" means insurance which indemnifies the assured public entity against losses from employee dishonesty, losses inside and outside the premises, losses from money orders and counterfeit paper currency, losses from depositors’ forgery, and/or generally assures the fidelity and faithful performance of public officials or employees holding positions of public trust. Any crime insurance issued to the state or any of its political subdivisions, in order to be considered equivalent to the requirements contained in this chapter for surety bonds, must include stipulation by the insurer that such crime insurance coverage is deemed to provide coverage for the terms and responsibilities of public officials and employees as outlined in chapter 8, title 59, Idaho Code.
(5)  "Political subdivision" means any county, city, municipal corporation, health district, school district, irrigation district, special improvement or taxing district, or any other political subdivision or public corporation, or as currently defined in section 6-902(2), Idaho Code. As used in this chapter, the terms "county" and "city" also mean state licensed hospitals and attached nursing homes established by counties pursuant to chapter 36, title 31, Idaho Code, or jointly by cities and counties pursuant to chapter 37, title 31, Idaho Code.
(6)  "Public official or employee" means each elected or appointed officer of the state or a political subdivision of the state and each officer and employee of an agency or a political subdivision.
(7)  "Surety bond" means a bond or surety issued by a corporate surety company authorized to do business in this state in an amount fixed by the administrator or governing body of a political subdivision to an individual public official or employee, which shall be payable to the state or a political subdivision, and whenever possible, conditioned on honesty and the faithful performance of his duties during the employment or term of office and until his successor is elected or appointed and is qualified, and that he will properly account for all money and property received in his official capacity as a public official or as an employee. The bond may contain other terms and conditions deemed appropriate by the administrator or governing body of the political subdivision to protect the state or political subdivision from loss.

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