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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


61-332A.  Definitions for electric supplier stabilization act. As used in this act, unless the context requires otherwise:
(1)  "Public utility" means an electric utility regulated by the Idaho public utilities commission.
(2)  "Cooperative" means a cooperative corporation furnishing electric service in the state of Idaho to its consumer-members who own and operate the cooperative.
(3)  "Municipality" means any municipal corporation or quasi-municipal corporation furnishing electric service to the consumers of the municipality in the state of Idaho.
(4)  "Electric supplier" means any public utility, cooperative, or municipality supplying or intending to supply electric service to a consumer.
(5)  "Electric service" means electricity furnished to an ultimate consumer by an electric supplier.
(6)  "Consumer" is any person, firm, corporation, or other entity receiving or intending to receive electric service at a specific service entrance.
(7)  "Service entrance" means the location on the consumer’s property where the consumer’s main disconnect switch, fuses or other disconnect equipment exists, and which are intended to provide the means of cutoff of the supply.
(8)  "New service entrance" means a service entrance not previously served with electricity. A change, improvement, replacement, enlargement, or change in location of a service entrance shall not be deemed a "new service entrance" if utilized to serve any service or utilization equipment previously served with electricity from the former service entrance, but for the provisions of this act shall be deemed the former "service entrance." A change in consumer shall not be construed to make an existing service entrance a "new service entrance." A change, enlargement, or other modification of service or utilization equipment served from an existing service entrance shall not be construed to make it a "new service entrance."
(9)  "Transmission line," for the purposes of this act, means any electric line of an electric supplier carrying a voltage of sixty-nine (69) KV or more.
(10) "Service line," for the purposes of this act, means any single or multi-phase electric line of an electric supplier used for carrying less than sixty-nine (69) KV and used or capable of use to provide electric service for a consumer.
(11) "Existing service line" means any electric service line in existence at the time of the event in question and constructed to supply a consumer that could be lawfully served by that electric supplier under this act. It shall not mean any service line constructed to obtain an advantage under this act, or to evade its purpose or terms.
(12) "Commission" means the Idaho public utilities commission.

[61-332A, added 1970, ch. 141, sec. 3, p. 417; am. 2000, (1st Ex. Sess.), ch. 1, sec. 3, p. 4; repealed and new section added 2000, (1st Ex. Sess.), secs. 13 and 15, p. 9; am. 2001, ch. 29, sec. 4, p. 37.]

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