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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


61-405.  Annual report. Every public utility shall file an annual report with the commission, verified by the oath of an officer thereof. The verification shall be to the best of said official’s knowledge, information and belief. The commission shall prescribe the form of such report and the character of the information to be contained therein, and may from time to time make such changes and such additions in regard to the form and contents thereof as it may deem proper, and on or before January first in each year shall furnish a blank form for such annual reports to every public utility. The contents of such reports and the form thereof shall conform, as nearly as may be, in the case of public utility subject to an act of congress, entitled "An act to regulate commerce," approved February 4, 1887, and the acts amendatory thereof and supplementary thereto, to that required by the interstate commerce commission; and the commission may also require the report to contain such additional information as is reasonably practicable for the public utility to furnish in relation to rates or regulations concerning fares, rates, agreements or contracts affecting the same, so far as such rates or regulations pertain to transportation within this state. In case it is unable to give such information, it shall give a good and sufficient reason for such failure. When the report of such corporation is defective, or believed to be erroneous, the commission shall notify the corporation or person to amend the same within the time prescribed by the commission. The originals of the reports subscribed to and sworn to as prescribed by law, shall be filed on or before the fifteenth day of April in each year and preserved in the office of the commission. The commission may extend the time for making and filing such report for a period not exceeding sixty (60) days.
Provided, that the commission may in its discretion, prescribe an abbreviated or modified form for such annual report, to be used by persons or corporations who operate or control any plant or system for distributing electric current but who do not generate such current, or by persons or corporations who operate on a small scale or serve a small community of persons.

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