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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


61-626.  Reconsideration — Procedure — Order not stayed — Change of original order. (1) After an order has been made by the commission, any corporation, public utility or person interested therein shall have the right, within twenty-one (21) days after the date of said order, to petition for reconsideration in respect to any matter determined therein. Within seven (7) days after any corporation, public utility or person has petitioned for reconsideration, any other corporation, public utility, or person may cross-petition for reconsideration in response to any issues raised in any petition for reconsideration. Cross-petitions for reconsideration may be granted if any petition for reconsideration to which they respond is granted on the issues to which the cross-petition is directed, but cross-petitions for reconsideration will be denied when the petitions for reconsideration to which they are directed are denied.
(2)  Within twenty-eight (28) days after the filing of a petition for reconsideration the commission shall determine whether or not it will grant such reconsideration, and make and enter its order accordingly. If reconsideration be granted, said order shall specify how the matter will be reconsidered and whether any cross-petitions for reconsideration will be granted. The matter must be reheard, or written briefs, comments or interrogatories must be filed, within thirteen (13) weeks after the date for filing petitions for reconsideration. If reconsideration is ordered, the commission must issue its order upon reconsideration within twenty-eight (28) days after the matter is finally submitted for reconsideration.
(3)  A petition for such reconsideration shall not excuse any corporation, public utility or person from complying with or obeying any order or any requirement of any order of the commission or operate in any manner, to stay or postpone the enforcement thereof, except as the commission may by order direct. If after reconsideration, including consideration of matters arising since the making of the order, the commission shall be of the opinion that the original order or any part thereof is in any respect unjust or unwarranted or should be changed, the commission may abrogate or change the same. An order made after any such reconsideration, abrogating or changing the original order, shall have the same force and effect as an original order, and shall not affect any right or the enforcement of any right arising from or by virtue of the original order.

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