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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


61-638.  Stay of order on appeal — Accounts pending final decision. In case the court stays or suspends any order or decision lowering any rate, fare, toll, rental, charge or classification, the commission, upon the execution and approval of said suspending bond, shall forthwith require the public utility affected under the penalty of the immediate enforcement of the order or decision of the commission (pending the review and notwithstanding the suspending order) to keep such accounts verified by oath, as may in the judgment of the commission suffice to show the amounts being charged or received by such public utility, pending the review, in excess of the charges allowed by the order or decision of the commission, together with the names and addresses of the corporations or persons to whom overcharges will be refundable in case the charges made by the public utility, pending the review, be not sustained by the court. The court may, from time to time, require said party petitioning for a review to give additional security on or to increase the said suspending bond whenever in the opinion of the court the same may be necessary to insure the prompt payment of said damages and said overcharges. Upon the final decision by the court, all moneys which the public utility may have collected, pending the appeal in excess of those authorized by such final decision, together with interest in case the court ordered the deposit of such moneys in a bank or trust company, shall be promptly paid to the corporations or persons entitled thereto, in such manner and through such methods of distribution as may be prescribed by the commission. If any such moneys shall not have been claimed by the corporations or persons entitled thereto within one (1) year from the final decision of the court, the commission shall cause notice to such corporation or person to be given by publication, once a week for two (2) successive weeks, in a newspaper of general circulation, printed and published in the city of Boise, and such other newspaper or newspapers as may be designated by the commission, said notice to state the names of the corporations or persons entitled to such moneys and the amount due each corporation or person. All moneys not claimed within three (3) months after the publication of said notice shall be paid by the public utility under the direction of the commission, into the state treasury for the benefit of the general fund.

[(61-638) 1913, ch. 61, sec. 64d, p. 248; compiled and reen. C.L. 106:144; C.S., sec. 2512; I.C.A., sec. 59-638.]

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