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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


61-640.  Hearings to determine valuations. For the purpose of ascertaining the matters and things specified in section 61-523[, Idaho Code], concerning the value of the property of public utilities, the commission may cause a hearing or hearings to be held at such time or times and place or places as the commission may designate. Before any hearing is had the commission shall give the public utility affected thereby at least thirty (30) days’ written notice, specifying the time and place of such hearing and such notice shall be sufficient to authorize the commission to inquire into the matters designated in this section and in said section 61-523[, Idaho Code], but this provision shall not prevent the commission from making any preliminary examination or investigation into the matters herein referred to, or from inquiring into such matters in any other investigation or hearing.
All public utilities affected shall be entitled to be heard and to introduce evidence at such hearing or hearings. The evidence introduced at such hearing shall be reduced to writing and certified under the seal of the commission.
The commission shall make and file its findings of fact in writing upon all matters concerning which evidence shall have been introduced before it which in its judgment have bearing on the value of the property of the public utility affected. Such findings shall be subject to review by the court of this state in the same manner and within the same time as other orders and decisions of the commission. The findings of the commission so made and filed, when properly certified under the seal of the commission, shall be admissible in evidence in any action, proceeding or hearing before the commission or any court, in which the commission, the state or any officer, department or institution thereof or any county, city and county, municipality or other body politic and the public utility affected may be interested whether arising under the provisions of this act or otherwise, and such findings, when so introduced, shall be prima facie evidence of the facts therein stated as to the date therein stated under conditions then existing, and such facts can only be controverted by showing a subsequent change in conditions bearing upon the facts therein determined.
The commission may from time to time cause further hearings and investigations to be had for the purpose of making revaluations or ascertaining the value of any betterments, improvements, additions or extensions made by any public utility subsequent to any prior hearing or investigation, and may examine into all matters which may change, modify or affect any finding of fact previously made, and may at such time make findings of fact supplementary to those theretofore made. Such hearings shall be had upon the same notice and shall be conducted in the same manner, and the findings so made shall have the same force and effect as is provided herein for such original notice, hearing and findings: provided, that such findings made at such supplemental hearings or investigations shall be considered in connection with and as a part of the original findings, except in so far as such supplemental findings shall change or modify the findings made at the original hearing or investigation.

[(61-640) 1913, ch. 61, sec. 66, p. 248; reen. C.L. 106:146; C.S., sec. 2514; I.C.A., sec. 59-640.]

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