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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


63-309.  Improvements on exempt and railroad rights-of-way lands — Equity in state property. (1) All taxable improvements on government, Indian, state, county, municipal or other lands exempt from taxation, and all improvements on all railroad rights-of-way owned separately from the ownership of the rights-of-way upon which the same stands, or in which nonexempt persons have possessory interests, shall be assessed and taxed as personal property, provided that such improvements shall not be eligible for the exemption provided in section 63-602KK, Idaho Code.
(2)  Property of the state of Idaho or any department, agency or subdivision thereof, or any other property not subject to property taxation to the owner thereof by reason of the legal status of the owner, held under contract of sale or lease with option to purchase, with lease moneys applicable to the purchase price, by any person, corporation or other association for his or its exclusive use, shall be subject to the purchaser or lessee for property taxation. When such property is held under a contract of sale or other agreement whereby on certain payment or payments the legal title is or may be acquired by such person, firm, corporation or association, such property shall be assessed to such person, firm, corporation or association and taxed without deduction on account of the whole or any part of the purchase price or other sum due on such property remaining unpaid. The lien for any such property tax shall neither attach to, impair or be enforced against any interest of the state of Idaho or any department, agency or subdivision thereof.
(3)  Refusal to pay the property tax levied upon any equity in state property by the owner upon demand by the tax collector shall operate as forfeiture of such equity.

[63-309 added 1996, ch. 98, sec. 4, p. 330; am. 2014, ch. 357, sec. 3, p. 889.]

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