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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


63-3812.  Appeal from board — Payment of taxes while on appeal. Whenever any taxpayer, assessor, the state tax commission or any other party appearing before the board of tax appeals is aggrieved by a decision of the board of tax appeals or a decision on a motion for rehearing, an appeal may be taken to the district court located in the county of residence of the affected taxpayer, or to the district court in and for the county in which property affected by an assessment is located.
(a)  The appeal shall be taken and perfected in accordance with rule 84 of the Idaho rules of civil procedure.
(b)  Any record made in such matter together with the record of all proceedings shall be filed by the clerk with the district court of the proper county.
(c)  Appeals may be based upon any issue presented by the appellant to the board of tax appeals and shall be heard and determined by the court without a jury in a trial de novo on the issues in the same manner as though it were an original proceeding in that court. The burden of proof shall fall upon the party seeking affirmative relief to establish that the decision made by the board of tax appeals is erroneous. A preponderance of the evidence shall suffice to sustain the burden of proof. The burden of proof shall fall upon the party seeking affirmative relief and the burden of going forward with the evidence shall shift as in other civil litigation. The court shall render its decision in writing, including therein a concise statement of the facts found by the court and conclusions of law reached by the court. The court may affirm, reverse or modify the order, direct the tax collector of the county or the state tax commission to refund any taxes found in such appeal to be erroneously or illegally assessed or collected or may direct the collection of additional taxes in proper cases.
(d)  Nothing in this section shall be construed to suspend the payment of taxes pending any appeal, except that any privileges as to bonds or other rights extended by the provisions of chapters 30 and 36, title 63, Idaho Code, shall not be affected. Payment of taxes while an appeal hereunder is pending shall not operate to waive the right to an appeal.
(e)  Any final order of the district court under this section shall be subject to appeal to the supreme court in the manner provided by law.

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