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63-704.  Amount of property tax or occupancy tax reduction. (1) Each claimant qualifying for and applying for a reduction in property taxes or occupancy taxes under the provisions of sections 63-701 through 63-710, Idaho Code, shall be allowed a reduction in taxes on his homestead for the current year only, in the amounts provided by subsection (4) of this section.
(2)  All property taxes and occupancy taxes continue to be the responsibility of the individual taxpayer, and all taxes continue to be perpetual liens against the property against which assessed. All taxes may be collected and enforced in the usual manner, if the taxpayer does not receive any tax reduction as provided under sections 63-701 through 63-710, Idaho Code, or if the taxpayer receives less tax reduction than the whole amount of property taxes or occupancy taxes he is charged with.
(3)  The claimant property owner’s tax reduction shall be based upon the current year’s assessed value and the current year’s levy.
(4)  Property tax and occupancy tax reductions qualified under sections 63-701 through 63-710, Idaho Code, shall be allowed as set out in section 2, chapter 59, laws of 1992, and adjusted for cost-of-living fluctuations as provided in section 63-705, Idaho Code.
(5)  A claimant who is a veteran with a service-connected disability of one hundred percent (100%) or a disability rating based on individual unemployability rating that is compensated at the one hundred percent (100%) disability rate, as certified by the United States department of veterans affairs, shall also be eligible for a special property tax or occupancy tax reduction, as provided in section 63-705A, Idaho Code.

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