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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


63-720.  Recovery of erroneous and other improper deferrals. (1) In addition to the provisions of section 63-719, Idaho Code, the state tax commission may recover deferrals of tax payments made under sections 63-712 through 63-721, Idaho Code, from any person who elected the deferral under section 63-714, Idaho Code, if the commission determines that:
(a)  A deferral was granted to a person who is not a qualified claimant or in regard to property that is not qualified property; or
(b)  The owner of the property subject to the deferral does not possess sufficient equity in that property.
(2)  The deficiency determination, collection, and enforcement procedures provided by the Idaho income tax act, sections 63-3039, 63-3042, 63-3043 through 63-3064, Idaho Code, shall apply and be available to the commission for enforcement and collection under sections 63-712 through 63-721, Idaho Code, and such sections shall, for this purpose, be considered part of sections 63-712 through 63-721, Idaho Code. Wherever liens or any other proceedings are defined as income tax liens or proceedings, they shall, when applied in enforcement or collection under sections 63-712 through 63-721, Idaho Code, be described as tax deferral liens and proceedings. In connection with such sections, a deficiency shall consist of any amount subject to recovery under this section together with any interest and penalty due thereon.

[63-720, added 2006, ch. 234, sec. 1, p. 696; am. 2013, ch. 22, sec. 4, p. 43.]

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