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67-1413.  sobriety and drug monitoring program created. (1)  There is hereby created within the office of the attorney general the sobriety and drug monitoring program.
(2)  The core components of the statewide 24/7 program shall include the utilization of a primary testing methodology that facilitates the ability to apply immediate sanctions for noncompliance at an affordable cost. In hardship cases or where a program participant is rewarded with less stringent testing requirements, testing methodologies with timely sanctions for noncompliance may be utilized.
(3)  The statewide 24/7 program shall be evidence-based and shall be able to satisfy at least two (2) of the following categories: included in the federal registry of evidence-based programs and practices; reported with positive effects on the primary target outcome in peer review journals; or documented effectiveness supported by other sources of information and the judgment of informed experts.
(4)  If a jurisdiction chooses to participate in the 24/7 sobriety and drug monitoring program, the attorney general shall assist in creation and administration of the 24/7 program in the jurisdiction in the manner provided in sections 67-1412 through 67-1416, Idaho Code. The attorney general shall also assist jurisdictions in which a 24/7 program exists in determining alternatives to incarceration.
(5)  (a) If a jurisdiction participates in the 24/7 program, the law enforcement agency may designate an entity to provide the testing services or take any other action required or authorized to be provided by the law enforcement agency pursuant to sections 67-1412 through 67-1416, Idaho Code, except that the law enforcement agency’s designee may not determine whether to participate in the 24/7 sobriety and drug monitoring program.
(b)  The law enforcement agency shall establish the testing locations and times for the jurisdiction, but must have at least one (1) testing location and two (2) daily testing times approximately twelve (12) hours apart.

[67-1413, added 2014, ch. 240, sec. 4, p. 606.]

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